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Mesquite-fired meats cooked low and slow

Welcome to Goode Co. Barbeque

Since 1977, our family’s been serving Houston the tried-and-true ’que we believe it deserves—tender brisket, sausage, ribs, and more, slow-smoked and hand-rubbed with our secret blend of herbs and spices. Pile high sandwiches nestled between soft slices of jalapeño cheese bread, anointed with scratch-made sauce, and joined by savory beans, slaw, and live music whenever possible.

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A Small Slice of Texas

Meet our Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie, first perfected by our grandmother. Hers is the blissful batter we’ve been baking, sweet and slow, ever since the day we opened. Though these pies now journey ’round the world, each one is still handmade, with farm-fresh eggs and all-natural Texas pecans—because anything half-baked just isn’t our style. And you deserve nothing less than luscious.

A Slow-smoked Plate is

Worth the Wait

You Probably Smelled us First.

That would be the mesquite—the hardy little tree piled outside every restaurant, and the same wood we’ve been smokin’ the Goode stuff with for decades, now. These crackle-craving stacks have become something of our signature, but they stand also as our daily reminder that anything good requires time and technique. As for the fragrance that follows us home? Proof nothing beats the flavor of live-fire cooking.

We Serve Texas

We’re proud of our home and humbled by the neighbors and staff who stand by us still. If you’d like to learn more about our family, our restaurants, or the other things we’ve got cooking, mosey on over and pull up a chair. We’d love to have you.

Damn Goode & Done Right

Jim Goode founded his first restaurant with the mission to share and preserve the rich cooking traditions of Texas, a vision proudly carried forth by his son and second-generation smokologist, Levi. While we’ve been pleased as punch to accept a few of Mr. James Beard’s nominations for our efforts, our joy remains rooted in serving neighbors near and far true Texas experiences—ones that please their palates, respect their wallets, and bring us together around good, honest food. One plate at a time.

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